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4-H Horse & Pony
Riding Lessons
At Rocky Road Ranch, group and private riding lessons are offered in Western style of riding. With no more than three students per scheduled session, riding skills are taught with a combined emphasis of safety and fun.

Besides the benefit of fresh air and exercise, riding lessons give the student the opportunity to develop in areas such as:


Horses, riding equipment can be provided. Riders with their own horses can trailer in for lessons or schedule a lesson where the horse is stabled. (You need to bring your own helmets.)

Lesson schedule:
Riding lessons are available Monday through Friday from 6PM to 9:00PM and  Saturdays are from 3:30 to 9:00.  Sundays times are  from 12:00PM to 8:00PM. Lessons are by appointment only.
60-minute private session: $35.00
60-minute group session: $30.00 each person

Lesson Packages:
Pre-paid 8 private lesson package: $250.00 each person.
Pre-paid 8 group lesson package: $210.00  each person. (only when group lessons are available)
Need to be used in 8 months or they will expire.

All new students, visitors, and parents must sign a Liability Waiver. Students must also fill out a Student Information Sheet. No one may ride, visit, or participate in Rocky Road Ranch activities until all paperwork and proper signatures are in our possession.

Long pants, smooth-sole shoes that completely enclose the foot and have a heel are required for riding and provided by the rider. Please refer to our FAQ for additional information on what to bring, wear, etc.

**Protective headgear is required while in the saddle.  (mounted).
**Jeans and boots with heel.
**If you have more children they need to stay with a parent or guardian at all times. The person taking the lesson needs to find the instructor as soon as they get to Rocky Road Ranch.
**Any horse brought on the property must present a current negative coggins certificate prior to arrival.
Type of  riding Lessons..............................................
Depending on what you would like to learn with a horse,
Horsemanship, Showmanship, Western pleasure riding,       Barrels and poles.
You will learn how to walk, trot, canter, first and then we       can move forward on a certain area of what you want to be    able to do. You also will learn how to take care of a              horse. Grooming, feeding, etc.
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