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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child ready to ride?
We recommend that a student be at least nine years of age before starting independent riding lessons - these are lessons where the rider is in complete control of the horse. Children under the age of nine often lack adequate large muscle skills, dexterity, and strength needed to control an animal as large as a horse.
We can and will give lessons to younger children. We may and probably will keep a hold of the horse at all times.  I can give the younger children exercises to do to make them able to control the horse but that will take time and hard work. Most kids do the exercises so they can ride by themselves. (My youngest daughter has been riding ever since she was born. She is a little muscle. She can do anything the big kids do maybe even better. Because she had to work harder then the big kids to do the same thing. She controlled the horses at the age of 6. She also has been able to saddle the horses on her own since she was 6 and wants to do it all on her own no help from mom or dad.)

What should I wear to my riding lesson?
We require that you wear long pants or jeans, boots that completely enclose the foot, fitted shirts, and an equestrian safety helmet (provided or you may bring your own) while riding. Long hair should be restrained. Also, we would like to see smiles. More info.?

Do I have to own my own horse to take lessons?
No, you do not have to own your own horse to take lessons. We provide safe mounts for student's of all sizes. If you own your own horse, we allow for horses to be trailered in for lessons. Instructor may make you ride one of the Rocky Road Ranch horses if they don't like the way the owners horse is acting. Any horse brought on the property must present a current negative coggins certificate prior to arrival.

Does my child have a chance to get hurt?
Yes, anytime you do anything with a large animal you have a chance of getting hurt. But we try and keep it as safe as possible and teach the student safety around the horses.

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