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Rocky Road Ranch
Gibson and Conley Paint and Quarter Horses
The girls riding horses in the hay field. 2008Brittany riding Max in hay field 2008.Sydney running the barrels 2008.Amy on Max 2008Sydney and Minnie 2008.Sydney riding Minnie2007.Sydney showing Minnie 2008.A wonderful  kid on her nice horse Skipper.That is me playing around on Q-Ton.  He is willing to do anything for me.Jim Conley and I at the 4TH of July parade.That is me at a local show riding T 2008.Amy and Minnie at a posse meeting.The Big Ace. 
Max's newest baby boy. Only 6 months old in the picture.The Big Ace 6 months old.Brittnay and Gypsy.Harmony 3 months old.Harmony 3 months old.T and Gypsy with Q trying to check them out!Harmony again 3 months old. Sydney holding her.Harmony  3months oldKovue, we miss you!Chance you are pretty.GypsyKovueMinnieMax's baby girl, MeganSydney in a cardboard box.Max's babies!Lilly 2008.Gypsy and Harmony a couple of days after Harmony was born.Chad riding Minnie2008.Horses out in the pasture 2008.Both my girls at horse camp.Gypsy and Minnie running in the snow.Max in the stall at Hoosier Horse Fair 2008.Brittany and ChadMax's little girl Lilly 2008.Sydney riding Q 2008.Brittany in warm ups at a local show she is riding T. 2008Amy showing off Minnie when she was 1 years old.Mouser with BrittanyBrittany and T in a Stall 2007.Brittany in warm ups on T 2008.Pebbles 2007.Max when he was one year old.Nikki and I in the 4Th of July parade 2008. I am riding Stormi.Max's soft eye.Pepsi Poco,Max's grandsire.The Big Ace 2008.Nikki and I.  Derby day 2008.Nikki on the 4TH of July 2008.T and T's sister 2008.Max July 2008MouserThat is me riding T 2004.Hoosier Horse Fair 2008 Max's area.My shampoo......Horse Poo Whitening shampoo.Britt and Sydney Christmas partyBrittany riding T in the arena 2008.Sydney with Arco 2008.Sydney and Q-Ton 2008.That is Max and I at the Hoosier Horse Fair. I bathed him with Horse Poo Whitening Shampoo.Max and I walking out of the arena at the Hoosier Horse Fair stallion row 2008.That is me getting off of Max at the HHF 2008Brittany and SydneyBaby Hummingbird 2008Max close up before Horse Poo Whitening Shampoo. March 2008.Hoosier Horse Fair 2008 Max's area.Hoosier Horse Fair 2008.Posse Parade.That is Minnie and I .Nikki on the right and Spirit and I on the left.Shelly and I New Year's eve.Brittany sleeping along time ago.Minnie and I at the Posse meeting Corky and his horse.Sydney on New Year's Eve.Sydney in a 55 Ford Crown Vic.Minnie Nikki and I at a posse meeting.King Blue Maximum before Horse Poo Whitening Shampoo.
March 2008.The Big Ace Max's baby boy in 2008.Kids in the arena 2008.Kids in the arena 2008.Mouser (The Cat) in the hay.Jim Conley and King Blue Maximum, March 2008.Mia in the barnThis was Brittany's 16 TH Birtday.Sydney at the 4Th of July parade. Gypsy looking at me.Some of the horses at Rocky Road Ranch.That is me riding Gypsy on a very cold and snowy day.Nikki riding T and Gypsy and I in the snow.Riding Gypsy in the snow.We were in a wedding . That is me and the girls. Sydney's B-day.Sydney's B-day.Sydney's B-day.Sydney's B-day.Stormi my friend running barrels. Doing great.Brittany and Sydney ready for the wedding to start.Brittany and some friends.Sydney with that beautiful hair.Sydney with roller stakes on and her hair done for the wedding.Sydney.Everybody loves horses.That is me riding Spirit at a mock search. Fighting the flies and the heat.  It was very hot that day.Spirit tied to a tree.  Looking alert.Stormi running barrels Jim Conley standing with Fancy. She will be 2 in April 2009.Side view of Fancy.  She is so sweet.  Love to be brushed. She is out of Doc O Lena.Sydney picking flowers.Tha is Sydney showing you Minnie.Minnie and I at a posse meeting.Nikki riding her horse on a Mock search. That is me in back riding Spirit.The two volunteers doing things they should not be doing. They will not let your child do this.  Don't try this at home.Brittany misses you!!!!  Hope you get to come back and visit B.Brittany's Birthday.Brittany on T at  a horse show.That is me running T at a local horse show.That is me giving a lesson in the hot sun.USA.
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Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up & laid down like a game of solitaire.

It is a grand passion....


Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Our shared memories are
  treasures to my heart.
Our friendship is precious
  to me, not just today,
        but always.

"Always be yourself.....        because the people that mind don't matter and the people that matter don't mind." (unknown)